How We Work

Ejadah  operates through a culture of quality and continuous improvement providing bespoke solutions for the communities that it manages. People development, technology and business improvement are key in ensuring service delivery and operational excellence.

Our processes and systems focus on capturing clients’ current and future requirements and developing solutions focused on achieving these objectives and requirements. We constantly seek feedback from our clients on our performance levels and this enables us to focus on continuous improvement.

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People and Partners

Each community managed by Ejadah has a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated team of professionals with expertise in relevant fields. We also work with our preferred partners in delivering certain services that complement our integrated service delivery model. Our partners reflect our brand image and we therefore give equal importance to partner development and work closely with them to ensure highest standards of service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Quality and Excellence

Since inception, Ejadah focused on quality and excellence. We have adopted international standards and best practices including EFQM, ISO, OHSAS and EMS. A quality management system (QMS), based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, was implemented in 2004 and resulted in the certification of Idama Facilities Management to ISO 9001:2000 in December 2005. In 2006, the focus of Idama’s quality management system moved from process compliance and monitoring to process improvement. In 2009, the QMS was expanded to include Etihad Security Management.


Corporate Governance and Structure

Ejadah sets high levels of standards and governance in order to deliver the expectations of all stakeholders; customers, people, supply partners and shareholders. These standards are implemented, measured and improved upon through structured initiatives and measurement frameworks.

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Ejadah supports its entities in the development and implementation of standards and initiatives through a structured development and review process. The initiatives are delivered through a corporate strategic and operations support structure at Ejadah, who share the responsibility in ensuring the success of the entities. The corporate structure of Ejadah include the following core functions and responsibilities.