Our History

Ejadah, an Arabic word meaning proficiency, was established in 2005 and has evolved in tandem with Dubai’s evolution into one of the fastest growing cities in the world where businesses flourish and residents enjoy exceptional standards of living.

Ejadah is the UAE’s pioneering real estate asset Management Company formed during the early days of Dubai’s real estate industrial boom. Its vision is in line with Dubai’s growth and future plans. Ejadah recognised that the Dubai market would have a high demand for international standards of real estate assets and property management.As Dubai and the UAE evolved into a global hub, community services became of increased importance, for both private and commercial interests.

Ejadah is a fully home-grown organisation that has extensively studied the real estate market and addressed its clients’ needs, leveraging on this knowledge and experience to evolve to what it is today. From an integrated facilities management provider in 2005, Ejadah quickly evolved into a full-service property management company and later on a Total Community Management provider in 2011.

Our history is testament to Ejadah’s vision and aspirations. We have focused on maximising value to all real estate stakeholders including our shareholders, clients and occupiers (users).

Offering comprehensive solutions for the built environment that improve lives and build on successes, is a key driver of developing and establishing solutions for real estate assets.

Ejadah is made up of multiple services, called solutions. Each service is expert in its respective discipline, united by our promise to provide total solutions in community service.  Each one of Ejadah’s entities provides end-to-end community solutions in through their respective service offerings.

Today we operate in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, managing 132 million square feet of real estate assets most of which are global iconic landmarks.