Consultancy Services

Security Consultancy Solutions

Security Consultancy Solutions offered by Arkan, are leading services in the field of security engineering and project delivery. We strive to create effective, holistic solutions and the best scenarios for our clients, delivering  high quality and innovative technical services.

Assessments and Design

Security Risk Assessments

A Security Risk Assessment is an important aspect of the overall security design, as it provides the foundation from which to build a sound security design. We adopt a practical approach to risk management and use the International Standard ISO: 31000 – Risk Management Standards and Guidelines as our base.

The outcome of a Security Risk Assessment is a thorough understanding of the projects security needs, accepting that protection in a manner which provides a guarantee against all security risks at all times is impractical to achieve.  We therefore adopt a practical approach to risk management.

Security Gap Analysis

Many Clients have existing sites with security measures they want to enhance and modernise.  Often this requirement has resulted from an incident or recommendations of a security risk assessment.

At Arkan Security Consultancy Services, we take time to understand the client’s security objectives and from that, undertake a thorough review of the project information, site surveys, current security operations, and review the existing security measures.  The resulting report clearly identifies any deficiencies or constraints that may have an impact on the security objectives and provides prioritised recommendations.

Security Design, Engineering & Physical Treatments

Security Design and Engineering provides the core strategy for how security systems will be integrated into the wider project.  Rather than applying ad-hoc security treatments individually, we provide an integrated, holistic security design that allows for the creation of a sophisticated solution incorporating defence in depth, identification of overlaps, often resulting in greater security operational efficiency.

Our physical security approach takes into consideration components such as building fabric, landscaping, etc. and security that is afforded by the way the site is constructed and/or planned, to create an environment that is unattractive to potential offenders, while encouraging legitimate use of the area.

By understanding and applying basic crime deterrence concepts supplemented by strategically applied security hardware, we can create an inherently crime resistant physical environment at a reduced cost.

Project Management and Acceptance Testing

The implementation of a highly detailed security design requires significant levels of coordination and supervision if the systems maximum potential is to be achieved.  To this end we provide site supervision services to assist the contractor throughout the construction phase, coordinate with other services and the end client to ensure adherence to technical, financial and project schedule requirements.

Our Acceptance Testing provides a detailed and impartially verified confirmation that the requirements of the security design and the client’s vision have been achieved.


Security Maintenance Plans

Preparing for the future maintenance needs of a security system is paramount for the longevity of any security solution.  A security investment has become a more complex business decision.  The life expectancy of equipment has become longer, the security solutions are often of a proprietary nature and increasingly, clients are commercially restricted from obtaining competitive pricing in the future, all of which emphasises the need for a well-structured and engineered long term security maintenance plan.

The benefits of our Security Maintenance Plans include:

  • Documentation of the technical requirements, agreed and measureable rectification times, spare parts list, duration of maintenance terms, options for renewal by the client, etc.
  • Packaging maintenance specifications in accordance with commercial requirements, including the coordination of contract dates to provide maintenance continuity at the end of the defects liability period.
  • The determination of the basis of maintenance requirements, for nominated systems, in advance (i.e. comprehensive or preventative).

Security Management Planning

A Security Management Plan as an essential component of the security management of a site and the rapid response of security personnel.  It provides the operational security standards for the management of security risk.

A Security Management Plan is an operational, living document which seeks to confirm the security objectives for the site and its personnel, establish a consistent baseline for the management of security activities and specify security management activities to be performed.

Security Master Plans

Our approach to security master planning is to recognise that the intended Users are crucial to providing the right security design brief.

A security master plan document provides a benchmark for the application of security for the development in all modes of operation.  Before the task becomes a design led process, we take account of a multitude of factors which will determine the success of the development.

The aim of the security master planning process is to provide a security environment that not only assists on preventing acts of crime or terrorism, but assists in reducing any risk to the development, be it natural, accidental or intentional, as well as ensuring that incidents that do arise are successfully managed.