How We Work

Security Consultancy Solutions

We are a dynamic security consultancy team with the capability and experience in many sectors including hospitality, commercial, financial, government, policing, justice , maritime and public. We adopt systematic management approaches to deliver our solutions.

Project Management Approach

The success of our projects is dependent on a strong consultant team that can bring to the project a wealth of varied experiences. The approach and the methodology of the consultant team differ from organisation to organisation. Arkan’s approach and methodology is tried and proven.

Our unique approach to delivering solutions, be they planning and design, technological or procedural, is designed to ensure that the desired business outcomes are achieved. Built from years of experience from similar projects, drawing on lessons learnt, the organisation shares the benefit of the knowledge acquired. This approach includes a structured project management methodology that:

  • Communicates a clear plan of actions and identifies responsibilities
  • Continually updates the client’s expectations and requirements
  • Tracks and controls expenditure and time progress
  • Measures success and completion against business outcome requirements, not just solution capabilities

Security Methodology

Our security philosophy follows a tried and proven approach and application of Defence in Depth principles.
Defence in Depth aims to Deter, Detect, and Delay, in order to Respond and Recover (D3R2) from a security threat or action, through layers of security working in unison as a system. For any security solution to be effective, all elements should be present in the design with the appropriate level of redundancy so as to remove any potential vulnerability that could be exploited by a skilled or unskilled adversary, possibly with technical capability or knowledge of the system.